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Title: Summer
Author: [ profile] peppaminty
Series: Brotherhood/Manga
Word Count: 635
Rating: G
Characters: Ed, Al, Winry, Trisha
Summary: "I wanna see!"
Warnings: None.
Notes: I'm not quite sure what the heck this is, it's three in the morning. I apologize for any mistakes I may have missed. -EDIT- Written for [ profile] fma_fic_contest. It didn't win anything, but it was fun. :)

“Nobody move,” Ed whispered reverently.

He and Al had been playing with Winry down by the lake, splashing their feet in the water, and also occasionally splashing each other in the face. Normally Ed wouldn’t dream of hanging out with a girl, as they had terrible cooties, but Winry was cool and a good sport, could beat either of them in a race, and also would probably hit him if he told her he didn’t want to play with her.

So Ed was sharing a good laugh with Al after a well choreographed splash attack on Winry from two directions, and while she dumbly blinked the water out of her eyes, a loudly humming dragonfly perched itself atop Al’s head.

Winry had snapped to attention, and Al had desperately tried to see through the top of his head, looking very much like he was about to cry.

“Don’t move, Al,” Ed repeated slowly.

He brought his arms up in front of him – slowly, slowly – and carefully cupped his hands. He stared intensely at his intended target, and then all at once – leapt, with a great cry, bringing his hands down onto the bug on Al’s head and quickly trapping it.

Everything was still for a moment, Ed with his arms held out just over Al’s head, the dragonfly buzzing and beating its wings furiously against his fingers, Al looking for all the world like he was about to faint, and Winry staring in awe, her wet hair hanging in her face.

“I wanna see!” she shouted, jumping up and running around to peer over Ed’s shoulder. Al calmed a bit when he realized no evil monster was trying to eat his brains, and he leaned a bit closer. “Me too!” he chimed in.

Ed slowly pried his fingers apart, and the dragonfly seized the opportunity, flying quickly out of his grasp.

“Hey!” he shouted.

The three of them then proceeded to leap all over each other, Al finally recapturing the bug.

“We need to get it into a jar before anyone can look at it this time,” Ed proclaimed, feeling very superior. “Let’s go.”

They ran quickly up the hill to Ed and Al’s house, solemnly letting themselves in and gathering in the kitchen. Ed grabbed a jar and a matching lid from the counter where their mother had left them out to store the jam she would be making later in, holding them out in front of Al.

In trying to get the dragonfly into the jar, it escaped again, flying high up and buzzing around the ceiling for a moment before settling on the side of the icebox.

Nobody move,” Ed whispered, slowly reaching for the broom.


Trisha Elric sighed, just having finished picking pieces of glass out of three pairs of small feet and bandaging them. She gave the children all a cookie each and sent Winry home to her grandmother.

She turned to her two boys, taking in their expressions; Edward, with his stubborn pout and Alphonse, with his face scrunched up, determined not to cry. She sent them to their room to think about what they’d done for a few minutes before supper, and they trudged off reluctantly.

While they were always rather troublesome, they got even more antsy during the summer. She supposed it might have something to do with the heat.

Trisha caught something out of the corner of her eye, and turned to find a beautifully colored dragonfly settle on the sink faucet. She smiled and opened the window, and it wasted no time in flying outside and back towards the lake. She took a moment to lean against the windowsill and watch the clouds pass.

Yes, she decided, closing her eyes and letting the breeze cool her sweat-soaked skin. It had to be the heat.
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