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Friday, October 1st, 2010 12:01 am
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Artwork (Traditional)

-Pencil Sketch - $1

-Pencil Lineart - $2

-Inked Lineart - $5

-Colored Picture - Prices negotiable (It depends on the medium(s) used)

I'll also ship the original for $2 extra.

Artwork (Digital)

-Sketch - $1

-Lineart - $3

-Colored Lineart - $7


My style is very versatile, I can do anime/manga, semi-realistic, realistic... I prefer not to do furries, but I'm willing to do just ears and a tail. I will do the occasional nude picture, but I'd prefer not to draw anything below the waist.

For traditional coloring I can do colored pencil, Copics (Though I only have skin toned copic markers currently), Chartpak Manga markers, and I also have a few screen tones.


Paypal only, please. If you want a commission or more information, just PM me. I won't bite! I save that for my girlfriend. ;D
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